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Brook Bello. Founder of More Too Life,  the survivor founded victim service NGO, and member of Demand Abolition's Research Advisory Council and a member of FDFI Truth Panel, advocating children and women’s rights against all forms of sexual injustice and selfish utilization. Brook is a powerful and sought out abolitionist and spokesperson against trafficking and it's root causes. More Too Life, Inc has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for all youth and the victims of all forms of Human Trafficking and it's root causes of rape, incest and prostitution.  We also serve victims of farm/domestic servitude as well as operate a restorative justice protocol for victims.   More Too Life is on the ground with our Turn The Tide Campaign that focuses on "demand prevention" and becoming an "Empowered Champion."  Our Florida street outreach is outstanding. We at More Too Life are a Human Rights organization that also addresses the underlying issues including the inequality for those pursuing wholeness after these crimes, such has undiagnosed homeless youth and women and female veterans that are victims of sex-slavery or other sexual violence.  Prevention and awareness is key so we at More Too Life are now mentoring male youth 8-18 whenever we can as we also partner with the administrations bi-partisan "My Brothers Keeper Program." In addition, to always mentoring female youth 8-20 locally and in the juvenile justice system and building strong community by doing local events that teach and train various hospitals, and others on victim identification, our model structure, which can also be implemented in your area.

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Our local Street Outreach team needs your support. Basic supplies of all kinds, plus toiletries, bus cards, books and computers are in high demand. Make your contribution now.

Locally, nationally and internationally, More Too Life, Inc Mission To Heal issues of childhood and adult sexual crimes and exploitation while restoring healing plans for women, children and young men are underway.  Including demand, community awareness and prevention.


 Brook Bello after being a special plenary speaker at the White House's convening to Eradicate Modern Day Slavery with CEO Bradley Myles of POLARIS Project the countries leading Trafficking data resource and more! Team up with one of the women or children for 12 months devoting your time and expertise. Find out how this amazing experience can enhance your life.


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Dr. Brook Bello CEO

#Champion, Executive Director MTL. Photo taken at the White House as Brook speaks to national leaders on human rights/the eradication of slavery.

  • Root Causes of Exploitation
  • Social Justice
  • Victim Services in our back yard
  • Education and job readiness
  • Parenting workshops

Hope in Action

  • Outreach outings for communities
  • Annual gala to raise funds
  • Political action in Washington, D.C.
  • Mentoring
  • Dream Building


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